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What is SMS Masking ?

SMS Masking is SMS where the identity of the sender that appears on the recipient's cellphone screen can be adjusted according to the name of the product, company, organization, service and so on. SMS Masking can be called SENDERID or SENDER Name or Alpha Numeric Sender.

The maximum number of characters is : 11 characters, a combination of letters and numbers representing your business name.

What are the requirements for using the SMS Masking service?

1. Company TIN (PT or CV)
2. Form How do you get the Customer's Mobile Number (Can be a screenshot from the application or registration form)
3. Letter of Appointment to Operator. We will help make the Draft after you do SMS Masking Registration

How long does the activation process take from the list until it can be used? ?

We have been working directly with the Operators since 2013, having been more reliable for 8 years so that the registration process can be faster, we need 5-12 Business Days after we receive your letter of appointment.

Does GoSMSGateway provide a Dashboard?

Yes. We provide a web based dashboard for sending and receiving SMS. On the dashboard you can also create a phonebook, group or reporting.

Is GoSMSGateway API available?

We provide API documentation to help your programmer to do the integration. If there are problems, you can discuss with our technical team 24/7 at Whatsapp number 0813-2007-7300

Which package for SMS OTP or One Time Password?

You can choose the SMS Masking Premium / OTP package. You can register in this menu: SMS Masking Registration

Which package for sending and receiving SMS?

You can choose 2 Ways SMS package. For 2 Ways or Send and receive it requires a simcard. We can prepare this simcard or if you already have it, it can be sent to our office.

You can register in this menu: 2 Ways SMS Registration

Can I send OTP SMS with Long Number / Regular Number?

Can not. We recommend using SMS Masking Premium/OTP to send OTP Notifications to your customers

How do I subscribe to GoSMSGateway?

1. Decide which package you will use SMS Masking or SMS Long number
2. SMS Masking Premium (OTP) / Regular SMS Masking Package please click SMS Masking Registration
3. Long Number SMS / 2 Ways SMS Package, please click SMS Long Number registration
4. We will send Invoice and Draft Letter of Appointment (For masking) to your email or your Whatsapp number.
5. Immediately complete the Draft Letter of Appointment and send it back to our email: masking@gosmsgateway.com
6. Make Payment according to the Bill and inform us via email: billing@gosmsgateway.com
7. We will provide an account for you to use to send SMS.

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